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Preparing your Garden for Winter

Ever feel like your garden is neglected and forgotten over Winter? I’m sure I wasn’t the only gardener who was very busy last Spring preparing gardens for the barbeque months. But why leave ourselves so much work to do in Spring, there surely must be a better way? Certainly this year I am taking and advising a different approach; a garden needs careful preparation to get the best out of your plants for next year. Hopefully this article with give you a few ideas to get you garden looking at its best for next spring.

The temperature has dropped, the days are shorter and the trees have begun to change to their beautiful Autumnal colours. This means there are going to be a lot of leaves to rake up, make sure to compost them. The leaf mould produced can be used in your borders next year and supply nutrients to your plants. If you don’t have a composting area, perhaps now is the time to think about creating one. Most gardens no matter how small can accommodate some form of composting bin. If you have room, I prefer to section an area off where you can manage you compost better by turning and covering it if necessary.

Many of your herbaceous perennials will be starting to look a bit tired and leggy. Most will tell you themselves when they need to be cut back and it is important to do so to keep your garden looking at its best. To make more space in an overcrowded border, you may consider splitting some perennials to fill sparser areas of the garden. This will reinvigorate plants, giving them more room to grow and hopefully a better flower next season.  I found Geranium Rozanne did very well this year, lending itself well to splitting due to its vigorous nature. If you are considering using it, make sure to plant sparsely and give it plenty of room to grow into. Expect fantastic purple flowers from late Spring right up until early Autumn.

It has been a tough year for lawns; with baking hot sun one week and torrential downpours the next. Now is the time to prepare your lawn for Winter conditions. Scarify with a wire rake or a machine if you have a large area to cover, this will remove spongy mossy material from the lawn and encourage new growth. Aerating your lawn is also important, use a fork to puncture the surface or again a machine if your lawn is more like a football pitch! This will allow better drainage and stop surface water building up. You may also consider plugging your lawn in Spring, this will aid drainage but also stimulate growth as the cores are removed.

If you feel like you garden is a little drab over Winter, now is also the time for planting bulbs to inject a bit of winter and early spring colour into your garden. If you are planting bulbs in beds you may want to grow them on in pots first and then plant them out, this avoids them being disturbed or damaged when you dig your beds over. Otherwise make sure you plant those bulbs deep down where they won’t be as easily disturbed. Always make sure you read the planting instructions as some bulbs will not favour these conditions.

So as you can see it’s not all doom and gloom over winter, there is still a lot to enjoy and do in the garden. But remember to stay enthusiastic because a little time now goes a long way to better and more beautiful garden next year.


Does all that sound like too much hard work? OR Are you too busy to give your garden the attention it needs? The Landscape Gardener can offer a wide range services. Take a look at the our Garden Maintenance services or fill out an Enquiry Form and we’ll get back to you!


How to Minimise Garden Maintenance and Damage from Stormy Weather

As we are in the middle of a really stormy period of winter weather I thought you may like to read this, so here are a few precautions you can incorperate as part of your regular garden maintenance to minimise damage to your garden, property and avoid inury to you or anyone else. If jn any doubt contact The Landscape Gardener

Put all garden furniture in a shed or the the garage to prevent it being blown around the garden and breaking or worse still being blown through a window or patio doors.

If you have a large sun brolly as part of a garden set and it is unable to be moved, ensure it is wrapped up and tied together and if possible put a cover over it and secure at the botom, this will prevent it from being broken and also soring into the sky and into a neighbours greenhouse!!

Make sure all outside doors are shut and secured, this way they will not be ripped off of their hinges!

Inspect any fence posts periodcally through the winter and replace any wobbly or rotten posts, its cheaper to replace one post now than four or five posts and the panels as they have been smashed into fire wood.

Ensure any trees in the garden are safe, have any deadwood removed and the tree crown reduced if required as part of your routune garden maintenace. If there is any damage to a branch or tree during or after a storm ensure it is removed as soon as possible. Contact our tree surgeon to carry out this proceedure as it is a job for the professionals, never attempt to climb a tree to remove damaged branches or even more so use a chainsaw on the ground or up the tree. Fallen timber is put into many different types of stressess and a cut in the wrong place could result in serious injury or even death!!! For any storm damaged of fallen trees call The Landscape Gardeners, 24 hours on 07876 452744.

Check garden and boundary walls for cracks, movement or damage. Cracked walls or poor, damaged joints can result in the wall becoming unstable and blown over and if this adjacent to a footpath could lead to serious injury or death. If in doubt please call us for a free consultation on 01243 575713/01202 348078.

Prevent flooding in really heavy downpours by ensuring your patio drains are not full of leaves or debris and your gutters/downpipes are also clear. Remember do not climb or use a ladders in high winds. If you need any assistance please call 07748 282107 and we will gladly come and help.

In snowy and icy conditions try to have a couple of bags of rocksalt in the garden shed or garage for your pathways, this will be of great assistance to you in the event of ice and freezing conditions. The Landscape Gardeners can pop round and spread this for you while you stay snuggled up by the fire! We offer this as part of our garden maintenance package.


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