Concept designs

Our concept designs will show all features, such as timber decking, stone terraces, brick detail, water features, trees, planting areas etc, in fine detail and to scale.

All planting areas will show existing trees and shrubs to be retained and any proposed trees, structural and directional shrubs, in their respective positions.

All of our designs are drawn and coloured to a high standard and detail. We will give a full and comprehensive presentation of the outline proposal, in person, together with the survey drawing.

All designs will either be on an A1 or A0 plan, to a scale suitable for the size of garden.

Before we add the intricate detail to the design, the basic outline will be presented, either in person or through the use of a PDF or pencil concept. It may take a few meetings to ensure the client is completely happy with the overall layout.

We will supply a black and white copy of the concept with all relevant levels and labels. This allows the coloured design to be kept clean of writing and figures.

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