Garden surveys are usually carried out by The Landscape Gardener in-house staff. For complex gardens with awkward layouts and for large scale projects, we use a chartered land surveyor.

All surveys incorporate the entire area to be designed and include:

  • The building or buildings
  • DPC (damp proof course), windows, doors, lights, taps, flues, steps etc
  • Any existing features – trees, large shrubs, borders, ponds, terraces, boundaries, walls etc
  • Inspection chambers, rain water pipes, locations of services (where possible), overhead cables etc
  • Relevant levels all around the garden and features, including a datum point (usually DPC). Invert levels of inspection chambers will be recorded, where required, such as for the construction of swimming pools

View an example garden survey

Please see part of a survey by a contracted chartered land surveyor commissioned by The Landscape Gardener below:

View example contracted survey

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