The Landscape Gardener is passionate about the environment. We pride ourselves in creating gardens which are both beautiful and sympathetic to nature. We always strive to source sustainable materials and offer a range of services to help clients reduce their carbon footprint.

These services include rain water harvesting, living roofs and living walls, lakes and ponds and planting schemes to support local wildlife.

‘Let our gardens live!’

The Wildlife Gardening Forum, of which The Wildlife Trusts and the Royal Horticultural Society are members, has produced a document entitled ‘Let our gardens live!’. It is a manifesto for gardens, people and nature.

The Landscape Gardener supports the ‘Let our gardens live’ manifesto and welcomes the opportunity to work with clients who wish to meet the manifesto objectives.

The ‘Let our gardens live!’ pledge to gardeners, supported by The Landscape Gardener:

We will work with gardeners to raise awareness of the environmental benefits of gardening with wildlife in mind by, for example:

  • using substitutes for peat and for sphagnum moss
  • using materials from sustainably-managed sources, such as charcoal from British coppiced woodlands
  • introducing techniques to enable gardens to adapt to climate change, particularly drought
  • growing your own food, for healthier living and to reduce food miles
  • avoiding the purchase of invasive plant species or of any product demonstrably damaging to wildlife
  • adopting more organic – and less intensive – management
  • using less concrete, paving and decking; surfaces that support little or no wildlife
  • avoiding the use of limestone for rockeries and garden furniture made from tropical hardwoods, unless there is independent and certifiable evidence that they are sustainably managed.
  • Paul Lacey/Natural England