Garden creatures need your help

In our ever-changing environment within the gardening world we seem to forget the importance of our wildlife and their habitat. The hedgehog, a native animal to the UK is now an endangered species, in fact its disappearing as fast as tigers are worldwide! also many gardens are being enclosed with fencing, which prevents the movement of the hedgehog. The little chaps also need somewhere to live and hibernate in the winter months. Look at the food we all consume and that we take for granted, such as vegetables, fruit etc. these need cross pollinating by bees and butterflies etc. Did

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Landscape Gardener vs Builder

When you are about to embark on a landscaping project that will involve hard landscaping such as walls, paving, fences and water features etc who would you call to quote for the work? Maybe you are having or have just had an extension built by a builder who has done a fantastic job in building a two storey extension, you think, I know I will ask him to quote and perhaps a couple of landscape gardeners too. We hear this story time and time again to such a point we will not quote for a job if we are competing

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