Landscape Gardener vs Builder

When you are about to embark on a landscaping project that will involve hard landscaping such as walls, paving, fences and water features etc who would you call to quote for the work?

Maybe you are having or have just had an extension built by a builder who has done a fantastic job in building a two storey extension, you think, I know I will ask him to quote and perhaps a couple of landscape gardeners too.

We hear this story time and time again to such a point we will not quote for a job if we are competing alongside a builder, why is that you may ask???

Every time we have submitted a quote in direct competition with the builder, they have always come out cheaper and this is nine times out of ten what the client excepts, as they believe it is value for money.

Most builders do not submit a quote they submit an estimate, so what we hear you say again, heres a brief explanation


A quote is a fixed price and cannot be added to without written authorisation from the client and agreement with the contractor and this will usually be for added work to the original quote.


An estimate is what is says an estimate of what the builder (or even some landscapers) estimates the project is going to cost and leaves it open to additional costs
So, when you compare all quotes and estimate and there is a huge difference you need to ask the question WHY???

We have seen differences of a few hundred pounds up to tens of thousands of pounds. You will most certainly hear “no that was not included in the estimate sorry” and then the cost starts to escalate and before you know it you are spending the same if not more than the landscapers quote.

Another reason it is important to hire a landscaper over a builder for you garden project is landscapers undergo a lot of training to lay paving, build walls, water features and put up fencing, turfing, planting, garden lighting and all other features associated in creating beautiful gardens. Not many builders are aware that random paving should never run for more than four paving units before the joint is broken or have joints that cause cross road type effects (targets). We have even seen one of our designs built by a builder, due to being much cheaper, lay the whole terrace of Indian sandstone, and wait for it, UPSIDE DOWN!!!

We haven’t even started on plant names etc; there are many reasons why you should use a landscaper over a builder. When you are going to create a stunning outside living space make sure it is done professionally, looks fantastic and you never have to do it again.