The Landscape Gardeners are professional installers of hardwood, softwood and composite decks in the domestic and commercial environment, specialising in multi-level and raised decks with steps, landings and balustrades.

Timber Decking

Decking timber fall into three main categories:


Less maintenance than softwood, less expansion and contraction, higher longevity and more aesthetic but longer to install and more expensive to buy, anywhere from £4.00 to £12.00 plus VAT per linear meter. Some hardwood timbers are not sustainably sourced which is resulting in degradation of vital rainforests around the world. The Landscape Gardener WILL NOT use timbers that are not sustainably sourced by our suppliers. Some hardwood timbers that are available may be:

  • IPE ironwood (pronounced eepay)
  • Balau
  • Iroko
  • Oak
  • Garapa
  • Massaranduba


Higher maintenance, more expansion and contraction, less longevity but quicker to install and cheaper to purchase at approx. £1.95 per linear meter plus vat, again the softwoods we use are sustainably sourced from our suppliers. Some softwoods may include:

  • Scandinavian pine
  • Southern yellow pine
  • Western red cedar

Composite Decks

In our composite decking installations, The Landscape Gardener use Millboard  Decking  as our preferred supplier.

Millboard is completely different. It’s the world’s finest 100% wood-free composite decking board. Millboard has none of the problems of traditional timber or even conventional wood/plastic (WPC) decking.

Millboard is made from polyurethane resin, sustainable minerals and fibres- plus a resilient Lastane® coating for superior anti-slip properties. It’s highly resistant to light, moisture, stains, mould, algae and impacts. But it’s attractive too; with incredible realism capturing the natural beauty of timber and a wide range of colours and textures are available.

Millboard benefits

Millboard decking is made in the UK – lower carbon footprint.
Each board profile texture is tested for low slip values. Millboard decking has the highest accreditations for anti-slip rating available
Non-abrasive anti-slip finish – high anti-slip even in the wet! Millboard exceeds the requested wet anti-slip ratings for public areas
Children & Pet Safe – Splinter free
U.V inhibiting materials – minimal U.V affects. (tested for up to 20 years light equivalence)
Hygienic – does not absorb spills. (Beers, wines, spirits and food fats)
Maintenance free – no sanding or staining ever needed.
Algae resistant – non-porous therefore resisting algae growth (rain will wash it off). Anti-slip and near zero maintenance. No wood fibres or rice husks to support mould or algae growth.
Low Energy expenditure manufacturing compared to other wood plastic composite products – Millboard = (2-6 MJ/Kg) / Wood Plastic composite products- (6-29 MJ/Kg)
Solid board – does not harbour dead insects as per hollow wood plastic extrusions or rotting timber.
Stain and mould resistant.
Durable and long lasting.
Matching fascia boards and step edge boards for a higher profile finish
Variety of surface textures and colours enhancing the decking – no need for complicated decking styles to add appeal.
Virtually no expansion or contraction, so closer joints can be achieved for a safer deck or boardwalk.
Millboard decking will not shatter on impact. (All boards are fibre re-enforced)
Environmentally friendly, Millboard decking is manufactured with reclaimed minerals to save trees.

Visual benefits

  • Innovative, more than just wooden planks you create an outdoor floor, an extension to your living space
  • Inspiring new textures and profiles never seen on decking before.
  • Excellent visual effects.
  • Each board is hand coloured, resulting in a totally unique, realistic timber effect (the most realistic composite decking in the world)
  • Choice of natural colour blends and tones from rustic charm to contemporary elegance.

Timber Decking

Decking is predominantly used to create a terrace to entertain and dine, it is exceptionally ideal for sloping gardens as there will not be the need for expensive retaining walls and steps.

The sub frame of the deck should be constructed using a minimum of 150mm x 50mm treated timbers to a minimum strength of C16 up to 600mm high and over 600mm C18 or C24 rated timbers should be used. For composite decking a composite sub frame can be supplied and installed to create a completely sustainable and maintenance free deck!

There are many types of balustrades on the market from timber, powder coated aluminium, stainless steel and glass . All balustrades must adhere to local authority regulations and British Standards. Please contact us to find out the legislation.

The Landscape Gardener are professional installers of hardwood, softwood and composite decks in the domestic and commercial environment. We specialise in multi-level and raised decks with steps, landings and balustrades.

As a general rule domestic timber decks are regarded in exactly the same way as private paved terrace and do not require planning approval unless they are within 20 metres of a road, 8m of a river/canal or higher than 3 metres above ground level.