Driveways need to be attractive to look at, fit for purpose and designed and built to suit to their own unique environment and the ever changing environment around us.

Major consideration must be made to a driveways usage, in particular the load it will be carrying, vehicle access and turning circles, visibility sightlines onto the road and how rainwater will drain away.

SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage System In 2008 The British Government’s Environment Agency introduced new legislation called SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage System) came into force. This legislation basically means that rainwater must not run-off the driveway, onto a public highway or directly into domestic drains. In order to achieve this a driveway must be either permeable or have a well designed drainage system. The consequences of not conforming to SUDs legislation are severe. Householders can be fined and may even be required to replace their driveway. They will also encounter difficulties selling their property if it cannot be shown that their driveway is SUDS compliant.

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Our driveway expertise

We have been designing and building SUDS complaint driveways for many years before the legislation was introduced. Effective drainage and sustainable use of rainwater has always been one of our major design priorities. In order to achieve SUDS compliance and deliver an attractive and long-lasting driveway we provide a wide range of high quality driveway surfaces. Particular favourites are the nidagravel® range, resin bonded and resin bound aggregates and stunning block paving from a range of suppliers.

We have provided information about our most commonly used driveway surfaces but are happy to work with surfaces that may be much better suited to a clients requirements.

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