We can supply several different types of gravel for driveways and paths. We do however particularly recommend a nidagravel® product as it provides an outstanding long-lasting finish.

nidagravel®: The ultimate gravel finish

We all know gravel can add an elegant touch to any garden, driveway or business premises, but all too often the disadvantages associated with gravel prevent it from becoming the product of choice.

The solution is nidagravel®

Nidagravel® has been developed for the creation of stable, long-lasting, water-permeable gravel paths and gravel driveways.

nidagravel® panels are made from extruded polypropylene and have a hollow, hexagonal structure (honeycomb structure). These panels are light in weight and pressure resistant and are intended to reinforce and stabilise areas covered with gravel and pebbles. They are highly resistant to aggressive products, micro-organisms and rodents and are also recyclable.

The panels’ honeycombs are 49 mm in diameter and a porous geotextile is attached to the underside. This geotextile prevents gravel from sinking into the subgrade or ending up under the panels and eventually pushing the panels up. It also acts as a root-proof membrane. nidagravel® is supplied in panel form.

Advantages of nidagravel® in a nutshell:

  • a long-lasting, stable gravel surface without rutting
  • easy to walk on, ride or wheel a bicycle or wheelchair across or drive across in a car
  • 100 % water-permeable surface; no puddles form and no drainage system is required
  • the lightweight, flexible nidagravel® panels do not slide out of place, not even on slight slopes, and follow the contours of your site perfectly
  • the geotextile, which is thermally glued to the panels, prevents the gravel from ending up under the panel and eventually pushing the panel up
  • weedproof and easy to maintain
  • once laid the panels are invisible
  • nidagravel® is recyclable and UV and frost resistant