Resin Bonded Surfaces

Resin Bonded Stone and Resin Bound Stone provides a tough, easy to maintain and aesthetically pleasing surface that gives the appearance of natural gravel without the associated disadvantages. An existing base of either tarmac or concrete can be utilised if it is of a suitable condition. If required, we can lay a new base or carry out localised repairs. All installers have undergone full training in both resin bonded and resin bound surfaces and can offer the supply and installation of both.

Resin Bound Stone

Once a primer has been applied to a prepared surface, a two part resin mix is combined with natural stone in a special mixing drum and this is then trowelled down onto the surface. Features, numbers, emblems and names can be inset in the main surface in separate colours, perhaps to enhance a school name, company name or, as in the picture of the paw prints, to add interest for children.

Resin Bonded Stone

A primer and two part resin mix is applied to the prepared surface and then loose stone scattered on to it. Once cured, any loose stone is removed and finally it is sealed. This is especially good if added grip is required.

Advantages of Resin Bound and Resin Bonded surfaces:

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Durable
  • Low maintenance
  • Anti slip
  • Suitable for applying to existing tarmac and concrete surfaces – quicker and more economical installation*
  • Fixed – Does not wash away or migrate
  • Cheaper on good existing surface as there is no need to dig out the existing area

*The tarmac or concrete must be sound, with no cracks, holes or missing sections. It is not advisable to patch large holes or add sections of tarmac or concrete as this could become a weak point causing dips and movement.