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Designing and constructing gardens throughout Exeter & Devon for over 20 years.

Garden Design

With over two decades of experience designing and constructing gardens – from courtyards to country gardens, from contemporary to period, sunken gardens to roof terraces and multi-level and sloping gardens – Paul Bentley will help you create your dream and bring it to fruition.

All designs are developed in-house by Paul Bentley who is a highly experienced designer and a full design member of The British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI) and The Society of Garden Designers (SGD)

Our garden design services include but not limited to: Surveys, concept designs, construction drawings, planting plans, section elevations, setting out drawings, axonometric and perspective drawings.

We also undertake the following that may be related to the garden design. Planning Applications, Tree Preservation Applications, Conservation Work, Grade II Listed Properties.

Garden Design Process

The most important step – Based on your personal tastes and lifestyle and listening to you ‘our client’ we will produce a garden design, bespoke to you and you only.

At this stage we will visit you at your property and discuss your garden space, talk to you about what you want to achieve within your garden, your likes and dislikes regarding materi als, colours, features etc. We will make a detailed client brief on the above and your garden to allow us to produce a detailed quotation for the design.

The design quotation will be delivered in such a way that you will be able to choose the elements of the design process, just like a shopping list. You will require the survey and concept design as a minimum, the rest is up to you, the client.

The most crucial part of any design is the survey, without an accurate survey the new concept design can never be designed with the accuracy required to construct it. The survey gives the topographical layout of the existing area/s to be designed which will include but not limited to; Levels, boundary locations, tree locations, Inspection chambers Inc. invert levels if required, existing features and the property with doors and windows etc. The survey will be carried out in house where possible, however on mulita level, large or complicated gardens we will use a topographical surveyor to carry out the survey.

I will create a concept design for the garden taking into account the details discussed within the client brief. Drawn on CAD, the design drawings will include, but not limited to, terraces, planting areas, pergolas, steps, water features etc. These will usually be sent in a PDF format via email for speed. I will discuss the concepts over the telephone and if required meet with you at your home to discuss in more detail. Once the final layout is agreed from the black and white PDF and signed off it will be printed onto a high-quality paper and at this point, I will apply the colour textures. I can also produce the design completely by hand if requested. I will then move onto the remainder of the designs requested from the list below. Any changes made after being signed off may incur further charges.

A highly detailed outline design brought from the agreed outline concept will be drawn up. With our superior attention to detail, this stage brings the drawn garden to life which, enables you to visualise how your finished space will look once the build has been completed. Every detailed drawing shows paving patterns, rocks, decking boards, step treads, planted areas etc. It is completed on CAD and coloured by hand. We can produce your design completely by hand following the outline conception if requested.

The garden will be visited on an agreed date and a detailed survey will be carried out, if an external surveyor is appointed, I will meet the surveyor on site to ensure what is required is carried out. This will include, but not restricted to, the following.

  • Detailed measurements of the site taking into account all boundaries, existing buildings, property doors, windows, drains and other existing features.
  • Detailed level analysis taking into account all level changes including inverts of drains where required. A datum will be recorded which is usually the DPC of the property.
  • Detailed site analysis, detailing all existing features, trees and large shrubs.
  • Details of features outside the boundaries that will have an effect on the proposed garden design
  • Soil samples to ascertain the Ph and structure of the soil enabling the correct choice of planting.
  • A compass reading will be taken to ascertain the aspect of the garden, prevailing wind directions etc.
  • Supply a detailed drawing of the existing garden layout to include all of the above. This will be completed on CAD and a drawing sent on PDF and CAD file if required
  • Take a detailed client brief, advising on and discussing features, materials and planting

Supply a comprehensive planting plan to include the Latin names, sizes and quantities of all plants. All species will be chosen for the soil conditions, pH and location/orientation, taking into account details discussed in the client brief.

A planting schedule will be supplied with the plan with all names, quantities and pot sizes.

This will be produced in PDF format

I will produce scaled and detailed section elevation for any project where required, this is generally produced for sloping gardens or terraced gardens. This will be produced in PDF format.

I will produce detailed construction drawings to scale of any hard-landscaping element and some soft landscaping elements where technical details are required in the scheme and for any other element that these drawings may be required.

This will be produced in PDF format.

I will produce a detailed lighting drawing/s to show the location of lights, type of lights, cable runs, junction boxes and transformers, etc.

This will be produced in PDF format and will be in colour.

I will produce a detailed Irrigation drawing/s to show the location of the main valve boxes, pipe runs, controllers, pop ups and sprinkler heads, etc.

This will be produced in PDF format and will be in colour.

I will produce a detailed setting out drawing/s, detailing all required measurements, radius’s, center points and proposed height elevations to enable accurate setting out of the scheme on the ground prior to works commencing.

If requested I can supply 3D Drawings for the garden layout, showing all the features on the concept drawing. This will enable a life like feel of the garden for the client and enable the client to visualize the garden prior to installation.

This section will only be carried out once the concept design has been approved as it is hand drawn.

I will Produce a fully detailed Specification of Works document which will include, but not limited to the following:

  • Specification of Insurances
  • Specification working procedures and times
  • Site constraints and rules
  • Specification of hard landscaping materials
  • Specification of soft landscaping materials
  • British Standards required on materials and procedures

If the Client decides to appoint another contractor Paul Bentley can offer a full Project Management service to oversee the implementation of the design and ensure all procedures are being followed such as, but not limited to:

  • Insurance Documentation
  • Health and Safety
  • Construction Processes
  • Quality of workmanship
  • Material quality
  • Tidiness of the site

Paul Bentley has NVQ L7 in Site Senior Management (master’s degree Level) so has all the qualities and attributes to manage the project successfully. This is especially important if the project falls within the CDM (Construction Design Management) Regulations 2015, which now includes domestic landscaping projects over a certain size.

Fees for Project Management are generally 11% of the contract fee and paid in accordance with the fee structure agreed with the clients prior to engaging the contractor.

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