With over two decades of experience designing and constructing gardens – from courtyards to country gardens, from contemporary to period, sunken gardens to roof terraces – The Landscape Gardener will help you create your dream and bring it to fruition.

All designs are developed in-house by experienced designers who have gained a Garden Design Diploma as a minimum qualification.

Our garden design services include but not limited to: Surveys, concept designs, construction drawings, planting plans, section elevations, setting out drawings, axonometric and perspective drawings.

We also undertake any applications for planning permissions, TPO or conservation work, work on Grade II Listed properties that may be required within the design.

Initial consultation

The most important step – Based on your personal tastes and lifestyle and listening to you ‘our client’ we will produce a garden design, bespoke to you and you only.

At this stage we will visit you at your property and discuss your garden space, talk to you about what you want to achieve within your garden, your likes and dislikes regarding materials, colours, features etc. We will make a detailed client brief on the above and your garden to allow us to produce a detailed quotation for the design.

The design quotation will be delivered in such a way that you will be able to choose the elements of the design process, just like a shopping list. You will require the survey and concept design as a minimum, the rest is up to you, the client.


The most crucial part of any design is the survey, without an accurate survey the new concept design can never be designed with the accuracy required to construct it. The survey gives the topographical layout of the existing area/s to be designed which will include but not limited to; Levels, boundary locations, tree locations, Inspection chambers Inc. invert levels if required, existing features and the property with doors and windows etc. The survey will be carried out in house where possible, however on mulita level, large or complicated gardens we will use a topographical surveyor to carry out the survey.

Outline Concept Design

A concept design will be produced, which will be the first stage towards the detailed design – your input here is highly valued, and we find this gives clients a sense of ownership over what will be essentially be a beautifully created outdoor living space.

Detailed Outline Design

A highly detailed outline design brought from the agreed concept will be drawn up. With our superior attention to detail, this stage brings the drawn garden to life which, enables you to visualise how your finished space will look once the build has been completed. Every detailed drawing is completed on CAD and coloured by hand. We can produce your design completely by hand if requested.

Planting Design

Every plant is hand selected based on your preferences, location, soil type and the vision of the garden designer – put together in stunning combinations ensuring all year-round interest and structure. A plan showing the layout of the plants and a schedule with the Latin names, quantity and detail is produced, usually on CAD and Excel.

3D Visualisation Drawings

We will compose 3D visualisation drawings of the concept design bringing photo realistic images for the you to see how the garden will look once it is completed.

Construction Drawings

The technical construction drawings required to enable construction of the garden are produced to enable the garden to be built to best practice and British Standards. With over 32 years of landscape construction allows us to detail up to date methods. Highly detailed construction drawings are produced on CAD for every element of construction within the garden design.

Setting Out Drawings

A drawing with accurate measurements and take offs to ensure the garden is set out on commencement to the same detail as on the concept design.

Lighting Schemes - Drawings

We will produce a lighting scheme to enhance the garden and bring it into a new life and dimension after dark. Highlighting key components within the design such as trees, water features, stone and brickwork and many other features.

Irrigation Schemes - Drawings

We will produce an irrigation scheme to best suit your new garden, this maybe a simple battery-operated garden irrigation system or a dedicated 240v multi zoned system with drip irrigation and sprinklers for the borders, pop up sprinklers for the lawns and drip systems for pots. We also provide rainwater harvesting systems utilising rainwater from the property roofs to supply the water for your irrigation system.

Specification Document

We will produce a detailed specification document detailing all of the above so as you can go out to tender if you wish. This document is detailed so the contractors totally understand all the requirements of the design, construction methods, materials, Insurances, health and safety and site requirements etc.

Project Management

Project Management will be carried out by the designer throughout the entire project. The Project Manager will highly skilled and NVQ Level 7 Qualified in Project Management to organise the materials, deliveries, construction and quality control, until the project is completed. In addition, the project manager will be in complete control of the organisation of any sub-contractors and most importantly Health and Safety of all on the project, including the client and public. The client will be kept up to date on any developments, while ensuring the project is completed to the original specification, attention to detail, on time and on budget!