Hard Landscaping

Hard landscaping, by which we mean everything except for the plants and earth, is a fundamental ingredient in the design of your outdoor living space.  Hard landscape materials give a sense of permanence, structure and personality that embrace its surroundings.  Hard landscaping connects all the elements in a garden by linking the planting and entertaining areas to make a satisfying space in which to enjoy your garden.

Your garden should be used and enjoyed, so it needs to be designed taking into account both your practical requirements, wishes and constraints of a particular site.  This approach treats the garden as an ‘outside room’.  The ‘outside room’ is somewhere to sit, to entertain and to play. Somewhere which can also be decorated and furnished, just like any other room.

Gardens also offer the potential to create your own world.  This is another way in which the garden is more than ‘just another room’.  The possibilities for developing outside spaces are exciting: outdoor lighting, sound of running water and heating, living walls and bespoke garden furniture are just some ideas which are encouraging our clients to realise the potential of their gardens.  More than any room in your house, your outdoor room will allow you to express yourself and to create something special.

The recent ignition of interest and demand for better gardens has allowed us to respond with increasingly inventive and unusual structures, and more innovative use of materials, the potential for construction and effects is almost endless.  All of this means that your garden can be a truly inviting environment that can be moulded to your individual tastes, whether a minimalist, calming space, a country cottage garden, a Moroccan courtyard, an Italianate heaven or a Mediterranean oasis.  This is what will set your garden apart.

We can source hard landscaping materials to suit any design of garden and from ethical, sustainable suppliers.

We have provided information about the most commonly applied aspects of hard landscaping on this website but would welcome the opportunity to discuss your individual requirements during a design consultation.