Irrigation can be installed as part of your garden installation. Irrigation will give longevity to your newly planted trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants, it will also benefit your new lawn.

Irrigation systems may comprise of a simple battery tap timer with drip irrigation to a multi zoned 240v fully automated control station with rain water sensors. The zones may comprise of drip irrigation (the most environmentally friendly recognized system), drip irrigation tree rings, micro border sprinklers, drippers for pots and hanging baskets and pop up sprinklers discreetly hidden within the lawn.

The Landscape Gardener offer a high standard of products from leading manufactures to provide our clients with the most modern, efficient and environmentally friendly irrigation systems such as:

  • Water storage solutions ranging from single over ground storage units to a selection of underground rainwater harvesting tanks
  • A full range of pumping and filtration solutions
  • Automated irrigation controllers from simple tap timers to multi zoned fully automated control panels, weather and rain sensors
  • A full range of pipe work and fittings
  • High efficiency pop-up sprinklers for lawn areas with a large range of droplet sizes, uniformity, distances and precipitation rates for even distribution
  • Drip irrigation systems for shrub borders, pots and hanging baskets. All tailored to each individuals requirements

The Landscape Gardener provide specialist irrigation systems for:

  • Lawns
  • Shrub borders
  • Hanging baskets & planted containers
  • Specimen trees
  • Hedging
  • Living walls
  • Living roofs

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is the ideal way to make the most of the world’s most precious resource in a time of climate change.

In the UK we are complacent about our water. Our water is cheaper than in many countries and only 22% of domestic properties are metered. It is a tradition for our European neighbours to mock us for our wet summers, yet in fact the UK is classified as a country with insufficient water. With population growth and the need for more housing the demand for water is rising. Madrid and Istanbul have more water available per person than London.

An October 2008 report by the Environment Agency warned that Britain’s rivers, which provide 70% of our water, will drop 10% to 15% in volume within 40 years. Householders need to reduce water consumption by a third. Global warming is accepted now, whether man-made or cyclical, and so we must make the best use of our precious water and prevent the situation deteriorating.

Rainwater harvesting has a significant role to play in doing this. The Code for Sustainable Homes which came into force in May 2008 encourages the installation of rainwater harvesting. This Code assesses homes for sustainability in 9 categories, including 2 relating to water. One aims to reduce drinking quality water consumption and the other to reduce flood risk. Currently 30% to 50% of the 160 litres of water each person uses a day need not be drinking quality water.

Using rainwater from our own roofs would greatly reduce consumption. Collecting rainwater also contributes towards avoiding floods. Social housing now has to meet level 3 of this Code, targeting a daily use of only 103 litres per person per day. But whether as a householder or a concerned professional, we can move ahead on our own account without waiting for official rules and regulations.

We can help you do this, whether with a simple 200 litre water butt, an above ground rain water harvesting tank to a 10000litre storage tank buried into the ground and linked to the, we can all maximise our use of rainwater and relieve the water shortage in this country.

is by install a simple rainwater harvesting unit above ground with an integral pump to

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  • Space saving system
  • Over ground system
  • Underground system