Living roof plants

When deciding on the living roof planting scheme it is important to consider the aspect and pitch of the roof, accessibility for watering during dry spells and the local microclimate.

Popular living roof plants include:

Sedum – generally hardy and drought tolerant, sedum is well suited to an exposed environment such as a roof. It can be grown on flat or pitched roofs – even on vertical ‘living walls’ and is available in a wide variety of leaf sizes and colours, plant heights and flower colours.

Perennial Herbs – herbs such as thyme, oregano and chives provide good cover, attractive foliage and flowers and are relatively drought resistant. If you have access to your roof, they’re also delicious to use in the kitchen of course!

Grasses – almost any grasses can be grown on a living roof. Depending on the look you want or location you have you would need to choose between native, ‘wild’ grasses or ornamental garden grasses. Grass is ideal mixed with wild flowers, though it will require an annual trim to keep it all in check.

Wild Flowers – the mix of wild flowers suited to your roof will vary according to your location. Coastal locations may require plants suited to exposed cliff-top situations such as thrift and selected grasses while urban living roofs might require plants more suited to variable air quality.

Wherever your location and whatever type of planting scheme you choose, The Landscape Gardener have the knowledge and experience to advise you on the perfect living roof plants and the best maintenance scheme.