Water Features

Water features can add tranquillity and relaxation into any garden.  However, it is very important that the installation of any water feature is carried out professionally and to the very highest standard with the correct equipment, materials and up to date construction methods.

If a water feature is not properly installed, it will inevitably leak and become the worst and most expensive feature in your garden.

The teams at The Landscape Gardeners are professional installers of all types and styles of water features, from small, self-contained features to ponds, lakes and waterfalls.

We offer detailed construction detailing, planting plans and schedules for any water feature, along with supply, installation and aftercare.

Some of the feature we install are

  • Butyl liners for ponds or lakes
  • Concrete block and rendered water features
  • GRP (glass reinforced plastic)
  • Surface or submersible pumps
  • Specialist filtration systems
  • Waterfalls and streams
  • Monolith rock water features
  • Self-contained stainless steel water features
  • Balance tanks with automatic top up and cleaning solutions 

We have the knowledge and capability to install water features with a balancing tank which includes an automatic water top up system and Bromine dispenser to keep the water crystal clear, providing you with a virtually no maintenance water feature. The price of this system starts at around £900 + VAT, but will allow you to enjoy a clean, hassle free water feature.

Some water features may be stainless steel and, in 80% of applications, will require a pump. The electrical elements will be installed by our qualified electrician, conforming to ‘Part P’ Regulations. A certificate of conformity will be issued on every installation following its commission.